The Swiss-American choreographer and dancer Joshua Monten was born near New York City.

He studied literature and cultural anthropology at Duke University before discovering dance at the relatively late age of 20.

As a dancer he performed with Bern Ballett, Stadttheater Heidelberg and Öff Öff Aerial Productions.

He has worked with choreographers such as Stijn Celis, Hofesh Shechter, Irina Pauls und Tino Sehgal.

In 2012 Joshua Monten founded his own dance company.

The Joshua Monten Dance Company has subsequently given hundreds performances at festivals and theaters around the world, including Théâtre de la Ville in Paris, Hivernales d’Avignon, Chalon dans la rue, Swiss Contemporary Dance Days, Krokusfestival Hasselt, Festival de Chassepierre, Sibiu International Theatre Festival, Ramallah Dance Festival in Palestine, CIFCET Festival in Cairo, Festival de Danza Nueva in Lima, Queer New York International Arts Festival, Shanghai Contemporary Dance Center, the Esplanade Theatre in Singapore and the Sydney Opera House.

Joshua Monten regularly choreographs for theater, opera, ballet, museums and arts outreach programs — indeed, his work as a choreographer is deeply informed by these encounters with diverse audiences and varied forms of artistic expression.

He has received choreography commissions from Ballet National du Rhin, Opéra National de Lorraine, Staatstheater Nürnberg, MARCHEPIED(CH), The Yard, Kaserne Basel, Konzert Theater Bern, Theater St. Gallen, Zentrum Paul Klee and Art Basel. He is a lecturer at the University of the Arts Bern.

His work has been broadcast on television stations such as Arte and Mezzo and has been seen live by more than 300,000 audience members.