Update: the effects of coronavirus on our work

The spread of the coronavirus has drastically effected our work and our lives, as it has so many others.

Dozens of performances have already been cancelled, including tours to Norway, Belgium and Berlin. More changes arrive each day.

In the safety of our own homes, we continue to dance on our own, to plan and to dream.


Upcoming premiere

The preparations for our new dance production “Game Theory” have gone into high gear.

Before dance tried to express anything, before it became art or ceremony, it was a game…

Come join us for the premiere on 21 February at the Dampfzentrale Bern — or another show at the renowned Krokusfestival Hasselt in Belgium — or at Dock 11 in Berlin.

The show is suitable for adult audiences and young viewers.


Spring tours

Even though we’ve been spending most of our time recently working in the studio (and manically shopping for pink clothes), we’ve also been planning some exciting trips for later in the spring.

“Little Joy” will have two weeks of shows in Norway in March, organized by Den Kulturelle Skolesekken in Tønsberg.

In April “Kill Your Darlings” will visit a half-dozen cities in the remote Faroe Islands in April as part of the children’s dance festival Barnafestivalurin.

In April and May “Romeo, Romeo, Romeo” heads to five cities in Mexico on a tour organized by the Red Noroeste de Festivales de Danza en México.


National tour in Switzerland for the Fête de la Danse

Since 2013 Joshua Monten has been regularly participating in the Swiss national dance festival (Fête de la danse / Das Tanzfest), staging flash mobs, site-specific dance performances, school projects and giving dozens of performances of his outdoor works.

This year, he’s been invited to present the outdoor version of “Romeo, Romeo, Romeo” in seven different cities. The Romeos will be performing in parks,  plazas, train stations and cultural centers all the way from Geneva to St. Gallen.

To make things a bit more friendly, they’ll be preparing both French- and German-language versions of the piece. “Tu ne t’appelerais pas Juliette, par hazard?”


Junior dance company in Lausanne

Joshua Monten has been invited to create a new work for the dancers of the junior company MARCHEPIED(CH) in Lausanne, directed by Corinne Rochet and Nicolas Pettit.

“La parade nuptiale” will be premiered at the Théâtre Sévelin 36 in Lausanne on 25 April 2020, followed by touring in the French-speaking part of Switzerland and in France.