Joshua Monten Dance Company


Bern, Switzerland

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Photos © Christine Bärlocher, Thommy C. Boesel, Annette Boutellier, Sabine Burger, Juan Carlos Castro, Patrick Chollet, Sophie Cousin, Jürg Curschellas, Tine Declerck, Giancarlo Donatini, Klaus Ehret, Patrick Frauchiger, Christian Glaus, Hikes Gore, Juergen Grossmann, Vincent Guignet, Mor Gur-Arie, Viktorien van Hulst, Yoan Jeudy, Alain Kaiser, Jonas Kambli, Jonny Kopp, Günter Krämmer, Helena Krinal, Verena Leo, Matthias Luggen, Salvatore Lumia, Anouschka Macera, Sabine Majer, Nozomi Matsumoto, Selina Meier, Ilja Mess, Céline Michel, Jutta Missbach, Guillaume Musset, Stephan Neubauer, Ludwig Olah, Erwin Penners, Nicholas Petitt, Irina Popa, Gianpaolo Rossi, Marion Ruchti, Hadeer Saeed, Rasha Salama, Stéphane Schmutz, Peter Schnetz, Christian Schumacher, Joel Schweizer, Thomas Seest, Jodie Terés, Ian Whalen, Philipp Zinniker

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