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Reconstructed baroque opera by Jean-Philippe Rameau, in collaboration with the historical music ensemble Die Freitagsakademie

Jean-Philippe Rameau’s opéra ballet “Les Indes galantes” represents an undisputed highlight of French baroque opera and continues to fascinate audiences to this day with an enormous wealth of musically dramatic means of expression. The plot of the opera is permeated by orientalist clichés and western projections onto violently colonized regions of the world. The problematic content of this opera calls for a contemporary adaptation that reveals and addresses the historical and ideological interdependencies of the original. Rameau’s enchanting musical creations are stripped of their historical baggage. At the same time, the interdisciplinary staging conveys a contemporary commentary on the historical context of the work and the cultural-historical circumstances of its creation.


Moritz Achermann
Joshua Monten


Emilie Inniger
Maja Bader
Joël Morand
Moritz Achermann


Die Freitagsakademie
Lenka Torgersen, concertmaster


Bryan Doisy
Petr Nedbal


26 October 2023 — Tojo Theater, Bern (CH) (premiere)
27 October 2023 — Tojo Theater, Bern (CH)
28 October 2023 — Tojo Theater, Bern (CH)
29 October 2023 — Manufacture TOBS, Zwinglikirche, Biel-Bözingen (CH)