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Community dance piece for twelve teenagers at the Stadttheater Chur

Commissioned by the “Verein Chur tanzt” (CH) for the showcase “HORIZONTE”

What we now know of as classical dance developed out of forms which were quite popular at the French court in the seventeenth century. These court dance forms were often in turn derived from popular social dances. We can imagine how how diverse people — spouses, friends, neighbors, enemies, lovers — came together to dance. Although “La bureaucratie éternelle” is set in a contemporary world, these orginal ballet forms served as inspiration for the choreography. One goal of the piece was to use these social forms as an opportunity to showcase individual stories and personalities.

Music: Selections from John Playford’s dance music collection, “The English Dancing Master” (1651) as performed by Les Witches.


Costume Design

Ursina Schmid

Set Design

Joshua Monten

Lighting Design

Oliver Dahler

Rehearsal Assistant

Ines Caviezel


Nina Cantoni
Camilla Chitvanni
Bigna-Maria Gadient
Alessia Morell
Seraina Müller
Sandra Nedic
Silvia Probst
Flurina Schlitter
Lorena Stolz
Sarina Stolz
Selina Theiler
Alessandro Todisco


3 September 2011 — Stadttheater Chur (CH) (premiere)
4 September 2011 — Stadttheater Chur (CH)