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Choreography for 27 youth actors in the play by Hansjörg Schneider at the Stadttheater Bern

A piece about the repressive and paternalistic Swiss system of “administratively” dealing with juvenile delinquency, which existed in Switzerland until the 1980’s

“With such moments of formation and deformation, the piece mutates from spoken theater into an expressive form of movement theater.”
Beatrice Eichmann-Leutenegger, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 2 May 2012

Directed by

Liliana Heimberg

Stage and Costume Design

Bettina Latscha


9 April 2012 — Vidmarhallen, Bern (CH) (premiere)
5 May 2012 — Vidmarhallen, Bern (CH)
13 May 2012 — Vidmarhallen, Bern (CH)
19 May 2012 — Vidmarhallen, Bern (CH)
24 May 2012 — Vidmarhallen, Bern (CH)
2 June 2012 — Vidmarhallen, Bern (CH)